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The Effects of Multiple Penis Enlargement Methods

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Penis size is something that men worry about. While studies show that women do not care nearly as much about the size of a man’s penis, if a man feels his penis is not large enough, they may have feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem. There are many reasons a man want to have a larger penis. First, a man may feel his size is below average and wants to have a larger one to help with his own feelings of inadequacy. Next, a man may want to increase his size because of his sexual partner. Finally, some men believe having a larger penis will make them a better lover. Regardless of the reason for the penis enlargement, the man is then faced with how to accomplish it and whether or not it can be accomplished at all.  

When perusing the Internet, a man can feel overwhelmed with the options that are available. There are also well known scams and frauds so it is difficult to decide what type of treatment should be used. Surgery is an option. However, many men cringe immediately at the thought of such a sensitive area of their body going under the knife. So, the search continues for non surgical methods of penis enlargement. There are many of these available. The first thing a man should do is educate himself on each method so they can make a decision as to which method would work. However, it may also be beneficial for a man to employ a combination of the types available for a larger, thicker penis accomplished in a shorter period of time.


Penis Enlargement Device

The penis enlargement device is based on the fact that the human body will adapt to changing conditions and pressure applied to the body. The device uses traction to apply pressure to the area, making it grow. Because of the continual pressure that is applied to the length of the penis, the body needs to adapt to this pressure. It will begin to grow bulky new cells that can lead to the increased length as well as girth of the penis. This practice is a method that has been used for centuries in various cultures to enlarge or modify the body’s shape and size. It is also used in modern science for modifying the length of limbs or to stretch tissue to cover defects on the face.

  The device itself is designed for ease of use. There is a ring that is attached to the base and the head of the penis. The device can be adjusted to fit any size penis and the tension adjusted. The process of stretching is not painful. It does, however, need to be worn for an extended period of time in order to be effective. In order to reduce some of this time, use of additional methods with the device is suggested


Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises are another option. These are exercises meant to enlarge the penis by conducting a series of specific exercises over a period of several months. The exercises are touted to add anywhere from one inch to three inches while also adding to the girth. A minimum of three months before results are seen is reported. However, this is a non invasive way to promote a larger size. Used in conjunction with a penis device, this can shorten the time needed to use the device each day. It can also help with stamina. Pills

Pills are a popular option for adding length and girth to the penis. There are herbal formulas available that will add volume to the penis using natural, herbal products. Four to six months is generally the recommended usage to gain results from the products. The way the pills work is they increase the factors that affect the size of the penis. The amount of blood flow to the penis and also the volume of blood that can be retained are the crucial factors in the size of the penis. The pills will help promote and increase the blood flow to the penis to affect a more positive result. Increasing the blood flow will also increase the benefits of the penis device. It will allow the device to work more effectively and at a faster rate.  


Topical Treatments

Topical treatments are reported to show immediate results when used. The topical treatments are designed to work similarly to the pills. However, the application is targeted and concentrated. This allows the penis to have immediate effects without subjecting the rest of the body to the active ingredients needed to increase the blood flow to the penis. This is also a great way to enhance the effectiveness of the penis device. The length of time that it needs to be worn each day can be reduced and you may see immediate results.



The effects of hypnosis for a variety of health issues and addictions are widely known. Hypnosis for penis enlargement is also a viable alternative. The mind is a powerful tool and an increase of one to two inches can be seen over the course of four to six weeks. They can be used when the penis is either erect of flaccid. Daily exposure to the hypnosis is recommended for maximum results. Getting a positive outlook and using the mind to help effect change in the body will generate faster results if used in combination with the penis device.

A penis enlargement device, exercises, pills, topical treatment and hypnosis are all viable options for penis enlargement when taken alone. However, there are advantages to using multiple options in conjunction with the penis enlargement device. Once the penis enlargement device has reached its maximum growth potential, many people will no longer want to wear the device for extended periods of time as recommended. The use of the additional methods will help with the growth and allow the man to decrease the length of time needed with the device. There are also limits to how much growth a man will see in his penis. Generally, a growth of no longer than three inches will occur. On average, men experience anywhere from a one to three inch growth. This can be the difference in a small or average penis to a large penis. It will add confidence to the man so he feels more at ease with himself and will be able to meet every sexual situation with confidence.

A penis enlargement device, exercises, pills, topical treatment and hypnosis can all viable options for penis enlargement when taken alone. However, there's no real scientific evidence substantiating the results of any of them. Simultaneously using multiple penis enlargement methods can greatly increase your chance of being successful with penis enlargement...Good Luck!

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