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The Laws of Penis Enlargement

Okay, we want be arrogant enough to think that we're your first male enhancement site...You seen many...too many! Most of them are full of hype and just plain Bull Shit...In fact, some of the articles that were written by the former owner of this site was BS (we're in the process of revamping this site from the ground up).

But can we be honest

Law #1: Penis enlargement takes time and dedication just like any weight and exercise program

Many sites try to woe your money out of you wallets by trying to convince you that their method will somehow defy physics and give you an almost instant 1-2" of additional penis size. Unfortunately, men soon find out that it still requires dedication and commitment to achieve maximum results.

The bad news is that it can take 6-12 months to achieve maximum results.

The good news is that it really is possible and there are ways to shorten the time a little.


Law #2: Common Sense is still required

We wish that we could tell you that somehow penis enlargement is different from any other body endeavor (e.g. weight training, bigger arms, bigger chest, etc.). But as you've probably found out, there's no penis enlargement "holy grail". So called penis enlargement pills cannot add even one-inch to your penis, without using other methods simultaneously, in the same way that drinking protein powers will not add one inch of muscle to you biceps without simultaneously doing regular bicep exercises...But you knew that already...


Law #3: There's no secret Penis Enlargement Lotion, Potion, Device or Pill but combining several complimentary method may be the most effective:

 Penis exercise program should be combined with at least one other method such as a penis device, hypnosis, etc. for max. results with least time.
- It takes time but going with a credible site with quality videos and realistic expectations always trump sites that give a lot of hype. This only sets people up for unrealistic expectations; and once these hyped-up expectations are not achieved, the man is very likely to quit. This is the number one reason why men fail at penis enlargement

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