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FastSize Extender Review- The Good And The Bad

There doesn't seem to be as much controversy about penis extenders like FastSize Extender, as compared with pills or patches which make the same claims. FastSize Extender is basically the same product that is offered on a half dozen other sites. It is a surgical type brace that holds the penis in traction, stretching it gradually, until it gets longer.

While disagreement over the value of using male enhancement products continues, this company is willing to back its product with a 100% guarantee.

The system includes some of the more popular items available for those who might want to try for longer, fuller, and harder, as part of a package which includes:

  •  FastSize Extender
  •  Free Spare Parts
  •  Storage Case
  •  User Manual
  •  Interactive CD-ROM
  •  Discreet Shipping
  •  Money Back Guarantee
  •  Customer Support


Product Claims

This is a basic kit that contains a penis extender to lengthen your penis. The product claims to cause your penis to lengthen and grow new tissue cells. The principle seems reasonable enough, but there is a lot of negative commentary and statistics that say it just doesn't work.



One recent study by a university medical college states that it's impossible for an adult to grow new tissue cells. However, the human body is constantly growing and replacing cells. The entire body replaces all of its cells many times in a lifetime.

The Mayo Clinic states in a recently published journal article that penis pumps can injure your body, but they do not comment on penis stretchers. There are no independent studies available on the product in the United States. However, clinical studies have been conducted in Denmark with supposedly positive results.

The company states that the product is widely used and professionally distributed by licensed physicians in 29 other countries and the penis enlarger has been used in over 60 hospitals and clinics throughout Spain.



The cost is $298 (about $1 cheaper than the average) with two payment options to somewhat take the sting out of the price.


Extras and Guarantees

The manufacturer offers a 6 month guarantee that is good for the full purchase price, provided that you use the product as directed for that length of time. All shipping is free.


Good points:

  • Very informative site
  • Lots of positive comments from consumers
  • Some test results from other countries
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Excellent customer service
  • Commitment to satisfaction
  • 2 payment options
  • Free shipping
  • Improved design for ease of use and comfort


Bad points:

  • Expensive but no more than other companies selling this type of device
  • Risk of injury if not used properly
  • Uncomfortable if wore extended periods of time



Overall, the potential benefits of FastSize Extender are yet to be confirmed by the medical community at large, but the satisfied consumers say that it works. This site in particular does provide a medical board with names and cities- but these doctors have not been verified by us. Definitely one of the better companies offering this device.