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Jes-Extender : Is it Worth the Price?

Guaranteed Objective Review. We outsourced this review and kept their results.

The Jes-Extender has been used extensively in Denmark, as a post surgical treatment, an aid in curing Peyronie's disease, and a presurgical option. It has the backing of a clinic and the doctor who created it.


What it does:

It works by securing and stretching the penis gradually, over time, to permanently lengthen it. The penis is a body part and, as such, it can be lengthened like any other muscle or tissue.

Africans have used this practice amongst various tribes to lengthen the neck, lips, ears. Indians use it to extend the ear lobes. Cosmetic surgeons use similar practices in reconstructive surgery. Ballet dancers, gymnasts, and athletes all lengthen muscles for better performance and appearance. So the technique can work, it just requires some time.


What it costs:

Jes-Extender, while offering many of the features of other penis extenders, is in the high-end price range of the market. It comes with some unusual added features, as well, to increase its value.

It comes in several versions starting in price at $299.00 and ranging through $699.00. If the price is a concern, they offer very reasonable financing options.

The bottom end of this product line comes in a cardboard box. It has all the things you need to go about enlarging your penis with the elongation bars ranging from 7 inches (that is not erect size), a 1 year warranty, and full product service.

For $100.00 more, the original standard model will take you up to 9 inches long, comes with keys to tighten and loosen the bars, and a 2 year warranty. It is in a wooden case and offers full product service.

The Jes-Extender Silver Edition offers all of the above, as well as a 5 year warranty, a high end comfort strap, and a free consultation with a plastic surgeon in Denmark. It costs $549.00.

The Jes-Extender Gold Edition contains the same parts as Original but its covered with 24 carat gold. It has a lifelong warranty and the high end Comfort Strap is included.

This model, in addition to a free consultation at the plastic surgeon's office in Denmark, can be engraved with the initials of your choice.

There are optional accessories and an online diagram for ordering spare parts.

There is a minimum warranty of 2 years on parts and manufacturing. The higher priced models have longer ones available.

They also offer you a 100% hassle free money back guarantee. No questions asked!



  • Warranty
  • Guarantee
  • Free consultation
  • Doctor endorsed
  • Ongoing support
  • Several Financing Options
  • Free Online Training Course



  • Expensive
  • Can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time



There's nothing that separates the Jes-Extender itself from any other device like it. But the financing options and 2-year part warrant does move it up a notch. If you're not in the US, this may be your best bet.