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ProExtender: Frequently Asked Questions

Guaranteed Objective Review. We outsourced this review and kept their results.

So you get a plain brown box in the mail, open it up, and inside is the ProExtender traction device you ordered online.

The whole idea is a little intimidating. You've got to walk around with this thing dangling between your legs for 12 hours a day, for 6 months, in order to have a larger penis. To get your money back you have to use it for a minimum of thirty days. But there may be some good news. Read on...

What you get with the "original" ProExtender offer for $299.99 is:

  • Cardboard Case
  • 1 set of 1 inch elongation bars
  • 1 set of 2 inch elongation bars
  • 1 silicone tube
  • 1 Protection pad, front piece, instruction manual/warranty

The deluxe model offers a mahogany case with 1 additional set of 2 inch elongation bars, an extra silicone tube, and a set of tightening keys. The price for the deluxe model extender is $399.99.



1. What does it do?

Their advertising states that your penis, due to the general tissue expansion, will increase in girth as well as length. The average increase in length is 24%, and for girth 19% increase.

2. Does it hurt?

This site states clearly that a little soreness is to be expected. This is in the initial stages of use. Some people find the device uncomfortable and they require additional padding beyond what is standard in the package. Also, some men have trouble keeping their penis contained properly, due to the size of the glans (head) of the penis. They offer a number of suggestions for this, including taping it.

NOTE: We also recommend only using the device for an hour at a time. Most men will not be able to keep the device on for 12 hours. Using this more reasonable approach maximizes your success.

3. Does it work?

One Swedish study tested the device on 18 patients ranging from 23-47 years old. They wore the device 12 hours daily, 7 days a week, for 8 to 24 weeks. Average gain in size was 1.1 inches extended.

A study from Spain that included 26 men, ranging in age from 30 to 68, in need of having their penis straightened not only had success with that, but in the process discovered that it had some effect on the length, as well. Each man gained an average of 1.4 cm. That is a genuine medical statistic.

4.Is it worth it?

That would depend on how strongly you feel about it. Most comments by users stated that some results were possible. While there is a lot of criticism about pills and pump devices, there is not a lot of independent clinical research available on the penis extender devices. The biggest being the extensive study done in Spain- not verified by us.

This product is comparatively priced with other similar products on the market, but seems to be of a slightly higher quality than most. In addition, you receive a free magazine subscription (if you request it) with tips for better sexual encounters.



The ProExtender has less hype and seems more straightforward than many other offerings in the enlargement market.

If you are looking for a no nonsense penis enlargement device, the ProExtender is a possibly good bet.