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Size Pro System

Guaranteed Objective Review. We outsourced this review and kept their results.

The Size Pro System is a complete three-fold system offering visible results in length, fullness and hardness, as part of a package which includes:

  • penis enlarger
  • enlargement pills
  • exercise guide


Product Claims

The enlarger claims to work by stretching the penis, gradually lengthening it over time. It increases the blood flow to the penis, making it wider and fuller.

The makers of this system also supply an herbal pill supplement which further increases the flow of blood, along with stamina and hardness. They state that their methods are tested and proven effective, according to doctors, trial recipients, and satisfied customers.



One recent study by a university medical college states that it's impossible for an adult to grow new tissue cells. However, the human body is constantly growing and replacing cells. The entire body replaces all cells many times in a lifetime.

The Mayo Clinic states in a recently published journal article that penis pumps can injure your body. They did not comment on penis stretchers. There are no independent studies available on the product in the United States. However, clinical studies have been conducted in Denmark with very positive results.

Size Pro Systems state that the product is widely used and professionally distributed by licensed physicians in 29 other countries and the penis enlarger has been used in over 60 hospitals and clinics throughout Spain.

Other critics of male enhancement products claim that enlarger pills contain too little of the ingredients necessary in order to produce results. However, there is host of satisfied customers who claim the system delivers all it promises.

Consumerlabs.com says that in an independent study conducted by them, only 9 out of 22 male enhancement pills recently studied passed review standards. Eleven failed because they did not label their products adequately. Only one product was found to contain a significantly smaller amount of an active ingredient listed on the label.

Most of the ingredients contained in male enhancement supplements are known to herbalists as sexual stimulants and are listed in herbal texts.



The complete deluxe system, with enlarger, 2 months supply of pills, exercise program with guide and storage case costs a total of $389.95.


Extras and Guarantees

The manufacturer offers a 6 month guarantee that is good for the full purchase price, providing you use the product as directed for that length of time. All shipping is free.


Good points:

  • Lots of positive comments from consumers
  • Some test results from other countries
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Excellent customer service


Bad points:

  • Expensive
  • Criticism from independent studies
  • Discomfort if wore for long periods of time



Overall, the potential benefits of Size Pro System far outweigh any negative points or outside criticism, and the guarantee makes it a worthwhile investment.