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The SizeGenetics Penis Enlarger System - Finally A Company Not Out For Just Profits!

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The SizeGenetics Penis Enlarger System - Finally A Company Not Out For Just Profits!


The SizeGenetics System is a penis enlarger of quality appearance, which comes in a black wooden box. There are no other products offered with the unit, other than an instructional multi-language DVD containing the program for additional exercises and information on how to use the device, an instruction book. The makers include most needed replacement parts free at no additional cost, for ease of continued long term use.


Product Claims

The SizeGenetics System does come with serious comments from international physicians who have used the product in the treatment of various problems including:

  • premature ejaculation
  • erectile dysfunction
  • Peyronie's disease (curved penis)


The product Web site promises:

"The combination of the clinically tested AndroPenis extender and the Unique PenisHealth exercise program on DVD, targets not only length and girth gains but can also help you to control your ejaculations and improve your erection hardness so that you can feel you're able to fully satisfy any woman that is lucky enough to meet you."

It works on the same principle as other penis traction systems, gradually lengthening and straightening the penis over time. They focus their concerns on strengthening and endurance. Flow of blood to the penis increases slowly over time, making it wider and fuller. Stretching makes it longer.

The claims are very reasonable. Everyone knows that a product that claims to produce overnight permanent results is either a scam or its makers are not giving you the full story. Actually making your penis visibly longer will take time.

Included are comparisons to other products on the market and why this product is safer and more reliable, along with medical studies from other countries. They offer an unconditional money back guarantee, and ongoing customer support.


Cost and Guarantee

The SizeGenetics system costs $389.85 and is shipped free to anywhere. The makers offer a full 6 month guarantee that you will be satisfied.



There are endorsements from doctors of urology around the world, stating that they recommend the device to their patients. The device developer, Eduardo A. G. De Diego, a practicing physician at a clinic in Madrid, Spain, claims the product has been extensively tested and studied. He has used it to treat over 1,000 patients, many of them successfully. Studies from other sources are included, as well. This product is sold in Europe as a type 1 Medical Device.

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Positive attributes:

  • Comes with the only clinically proven penis enlargement device
  • Lots of positive comments from physicians and customers
  • Testing results from other countries
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Excellent after sale customer service
  • Company is ISO 9001:2000 certified for Quality Control
  • Makes reasonable claims
  • One-Stop, Complete Penis Enlargement System
  • Many, many bonuses and access to premier membership sites to help you greatly improve your sexual performance
  • DVD versions of the exercises so that you can watch them at your convenience without being connected to the internet
  • Unique comfort mechanism: Based on over 5 years of customer feedback, the new comfort mechanism allows you to wear the device with ease throughout the day. This comfort mechanism is unique to SizeGenetics

Negative Attributes:

  • Product not tested in United States
  • more expensive than pills but also much more effective



The SizeGenetics system appears to be of high quality, very reliable and effective. It has endorsements from qualified medical professionals. It's fully guaranteed. What more is there?

SizeGenetics is backed by more information and independent testing than any similar product. The only real drawback is the high price, and sometimes it is true that you get what you pay for.

This product is highly recommended!