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6 Things to Know About the ViMax Extender

Guaranteed Objective Review. We outsourced this review and kept their results.

The ViMax Extender, while similar in appearance to other enlargement devices, has an AMA doctor as developer.


1. Not all Penis Enlargement Devices are Made Equal

The penis extender is not a pump, but a traction device. This type of product is relatively new to the market, having only a 12 year history of use.

While the ViMax penis extender has no history of causing injury, it has a limited record of performance, consisting primarily of user statements, and one small medical study.

2. Some Studies Are More Extensive Than Other Studies

The ViMax Extender has been around for 12 years. The developer tested the product on 18 patients, with appreciable results. After 24 weeks, the average gain, according to the developer, was 2.8 inches in length. While the results seem impressive, 18 patients in a clinical study are not a large number, and do not adequately represent the section of the public that will be using the product.

3. The price of a larger penis

The price is $299.99 for the basic package, with instructions. While it appears to be packaged for the high end consumer, with little economy in mind, it is average in the price range for this type of product.

Compared to the price of surgery, it's cheap. Compared with some other products its longer lasting, and has potential to be more effective.

4. Is it good thing, having a doctor behind your product?

Having a qualified doctor who is an expert in the area that the product is developed for, certainly helps with its trustworthiness. That the physician is licensed and practicing in more than one country, including the United States, which has very high medical standards for doctors, adds to its trustworthiness, again.

The ViMax Extender is one of the few enhancement products backed by a licensed penis surgeon.

Doctor Jorn Ege Siana is a member of:

  • Member of American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive
  • Surgery, A.S.P.R.S.
  • Founding member of International Association of Male Sexual Surgery, I.A.M.S.S.

5. Does it work?

The fact is, there is just not enough statistical evidence to say definitely whether it works or not. The seller says it does, and so do a lot of customers, as does the doctor that created it. They guarantee it.

There is no information that it doesn't work. That doesn't mean it does. There are exercise plans that go along with the device, which may add to its merit. Actions that increase stamina are going to have a beneficial effect, but that is not product specific.

6. What doesn't work

Besides penis pumps, a lot of pills and patches contain little or none of the ingredients necessary to cause an erection, never mind make a penis larger. Nothing at all on the market has a higher track record than the penis extender, and that is a relatively new product.

7. What is Known About the Product

In Europe, the Vimax Extender is ranked as Class 1 Medical device. The doctor who developed it has a license to practice in the United States. If it doesn't work for you, you get a full refund, after you have used the product. If you don't use it, you don't get a refund.

While medical endorsements for this product are still limited, all the customers that have used it can't be wrong. It has a lot of benefits and has to work for some people.