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HypTalk Penis Enlargement Hypnosis- 1-2 Inches in 4-6 Weeks? How True is That?

Guaranteed Objective Review. We outsourced this review and kept their results.

The thing that separates the HypTalk penis enlargement hypnosis program from its competitors is that it states clearly what customers can expect from their product -- a one to two inch penis increase in length and fuller girth in four to six weeks. That’s what it says in the very first paragraph of its webpage. The thing is, at a cost of $99.00, it is also one of the most expensive such products around. However, with a full-year money-back guarantee, it may be worth the expense.

A point of clarification: although the HypTalk penis enlargement hypnosis program says results are possible in four to six weeks, they emphasize a period of daily listening to hypnotheraphy recordings for three months to ensure results. HypTalk concedes that of all its programs, this one on penis enlargement takes the longest to produce results. For this reason, the website has extended its standard 90-day money-back guarantee to a full year only for this product. That’s the kind of concern for consumer satisfaction that customers want to see.

HypTalk’s approach to penis enlargement hypnosis consists of six CDs (about 20 to 25 minutes long each) that address specific areas that reinforce the desire and the possibility of having a larger penis. These CDs have titles such as “Pleasure Trip,” “Conversation with Cells,” “Anchor for Growth” and “Revisiting the Woman” and sample recordings are provided. Compared to other hypnosis websites, HypTalk’s recordings are more narrative and highly descriptive which makes it easier to visualize desired results. Visualization, the ability to imagine an alternative reality, is a key activity in any hypnosis endeavor.

With radio personality Victoria Wizell on the microphone, the HypTalk penis enlargement hypnosis program has one of the sexiest and most enthralling voice-overs among hypnosis websites. Unlike most such websites which feature male voices in their recordings, having a female voice gives HypTalk a big advantage, especially if that voice is as deep and soothing as Wizell's. A female voice just makes it easier for men to give the recordings their full attention.


  • Provides customers with a clear idea of what kind of results they can expect
  • Website provides sample recordings
  • Voice is female, powerful, sensuous and easy to listen to
  • Provides a one-year money-back guarantee



  • At $99.00, it is one of the most expensive hypnosis programs anywhere.



The HypTalk penis enlargement hypnosis program strikes us as one of the most attractive hypnosis-based penis enlargement methods around. Their website explains their methods in a clear and credible manner. Perhaps more than any other site, they do a superb job of managing client expectations because they clearly spell out what kind of results their customers will get. If you have $99.00 to spend on penis enlargement, we highly recommend HypTalk. With a year-long, money-back guarantee, your investment is practically worry-free.