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Mind Fit Hypnosis: Is Their Unique Penis Enlargement Hypnosis Program the Best Approach to Penis Enlargement?

Guaranteed Objective Review. We outsourced this review and kept their results.

Of all the hypnosis websites that offer penis-enlargement options, Mind Fit penis enlargement hypnosis is unique because it includes penis extension exercises as part of the regimen. They espouse a total approach to penis enlargement that addresses both the mind and the body (the penis itself). However, though it clearly explains how its mental approach works, it is painfully mum on its physical (exercise) approach, which may lead some to question the effectiveness (perhaps even the credibility) of this so-called total approach.

The Mind Fit penis enlargement hypnosis sessions come in the form of Subliminals and Binaural beats, the same approaches adopted by other hypnosis sites. Though these approaches are quite common, Mind Fit does an outstanding job of explaining the theories behind these approaches, complete with illustrations and video support.

On the other hand, the Mind Fit penis enlargement hypnosis program falls short when it comes to managing expectations. They give no indication whatsoever as to when customers can expect results. The more prominent websites of this kind such as Hypnotic World, Steve G. Jones Hypnosis and Remote Hypnosis are able to provide clear timetables for measuring results.

Like other penis enlargement hypnosis websites, Mind Fit does not provide any scientific studies or proof of success. However, Mind Fit tries to skirt this issue as it contends that, in its case, this is more the exception than the rule. It explains that its penis enlargement program is "the only Hypnotherapy session that Mind-Fit sells that does not have scientific research behind it," adding that the best testament to its success are "from client results and people that have used Hypnosis successfully to increase Penis size." However, there are no such testimonials or client feedback anywhere on their site.

The Mind Fit penis enlargement hypnosis program offers its penis enlargement hypnotherapy session as a downloadable MP3 for $14.95. Clients may purchase the program on CD form for $19.95. This is a big advantage over some of its competitors that offer multi-CD programs that are bulkier, more expensive and more difficult to transport.

The penis enlargement exercises come as an e-book. However, the Mind Fit does not provide much detail or assurance about how these exercises work. They may only be a “token” freebie or come-on for using Mind Fit hypnosis. We all know better than to expect much from such free gifts.


  • Website provides sample recordings



  • Does not provide any clear timetable when results can be expected.
  • Does not provide any money-back guarantee, unlike some of its leading competitors.


The MindFit website does an excellent job of selling its penis enlargement hypnosis program. It explains their approach clearly and with conviction. However, in terms of actual benefits, other websites simply have more to offer. On the other hand, this product is very reasonably priced compared to the rest. For this reason, we give this product an above-average rating. It could be worth a try.