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Steve G. Jones Program: Is It Truly the Best Penis Enlargement Hypnosis Program Around?

Guaranteed Objective Review. We outsourced this review and kept their results.

The Steve G. Jones penis enlargement hypnosis program is one of over 100 hypnotherapy programs listed in his website that address various concerns. Customers are instructed to play the tape just before they go to bed and hypnotherapy works as they sleep – for a period of 21 days. The program comes as a downloadable MP3 and, with a cost of $29.95 (from $79.95), it is reasonably priced. There is also a money-back guarantee.

Unfortunately, the website provides very few details about how the penis product works, which makes it hard to assess properly. It promotes this particular product as “the most effective program available” and “voted #1 hypnotherapy program,” but it does not provide any detailed information nor does it properly support or attribute these statements. However, it is clear that the product’s sales appeal depends largely on the commercial popularity of the Steve G. Jones name and the general techniques and methods that he applies.

The key question then is who, exactly, is Steve G. Jones? His credentials are impressive and add a great deal of credibility and integrity to his product offerings. Jones, a psychologist, has been in business for over 17 years and has held a number of prestigious positions in hypnotherapy groups (including president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists). He is also a member of the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association.

In addition, the website says he is "the world's leading expert in hypnosis and hypnotherapy" who has helped "thousands ... of people (succeed) in losing weight, gaining confidence, discovering financial independence and completely turning their lives around for the better." Furthermore, the website claims that Jones can produce results for his clients "in less than 30 seconds."

Aside from these glowing credentials, the sheer depth and breadth of the various hypnosis product offerings on the site is impressive. The website lists over 100 hypnotherapy programs and is probably the most comprehensive hypnosis websites around. These programs are grouped under 12 basic categories that include Health, Phobias, Metaphysics, Business, Sports, Men, Women, School and the like. Among the most popular programs for men are Letting Go of Anger, Weight Loss, Love Magnet and A New Positive Attitude.


  • This penis enlargement hypnosis program is backed by a person with vast experience in the business.
  • Since the product is a downloadable MP3, it is easy and simple to acquire.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • The website looks professionally done and is easy to navigate.



  • Website does not provide sample recordings



On the basis of its website’s contents and Jones’ track record, we recommend this penis enlargement hypnosis program. With a money-back guarantee, there is little to lose.