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Calibrate the girl

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Before you can start making the girl feel good, elicit and interpret her values, reflect them back to her, experience states of pleasure and hornyness etc, you have to know how to interpret her specific signs of feeling either good, bad or neutral. You can of course guess that a smile or "doggy-dinner-bowl-look" are good and a yawn and a frown of boredom are bad, but the signs are not always that clear. So in order for you to be able to acquire more accurate data on how the girl is reacting to each theme you bring up, question you ask or direction you go with the conversation, you shall first have to calibrate her for her reactions.

Jake Thomson, ASF: "Find out, by asking, what she looks like when she agree's with something. Find out, by asking, what she looks like when she disagrees with something. Find out, by asking, what she looks like when she's nuetral about something.

Make a game out of it. Tell her you're practicing to be a 'psychic' and you want her to help you. Ask her to think of something she whole heartedly, enthusiastically, and strongly agrees with. It's irrelevant if she tells you what it is, matter of fact, it's better if she keeps it to herself. Then ask her to think of something she feels nuetral about. Observe what she does. Repeat this cycle two more times. Then have her think of something she wholeheartedly, enthusiastically, and strongly disagrees with. Go to neutral, and repeat two more times.

Next, ask her to think about anything she wants, and you, based on your careful observation, will tell her if she agrees, doesn't care, or disagrees with. Play that game for a while, then drop it, and move on to something else for a while."

According to Jake Thomson, you should use this to progress to doing a cold-reading of her palm (that is without any knowledge of palmistry) or analyze her handwriting etc by feeding her something and either deepening it if she shows signs of agreement with it or moving on to something else is she is showing signs of disagreement. But the principles of calibration described are applicable on a far larger scale than just as prep-work for a gimmick.

NYC, ASF: "I would always wonder why guys would ask "how do you know when she..." because in general, I ALWAYS KNOW! The reason I know is I basically give them a "lie detector" test before sarging them. What I mean is that I deliberately, yet naturally in the course of conversation say things that I KNOW will push them in a direction.

I notice how they are normally... then when they mention their pet cat or something, I might say "did your cat ever get hurt?" and watch her face change and her body change when she considers her cat getting hurt. Then I might say "Does your cat wake you up in the morning?" and watch her change to that too. Not those sentences or topics in particular, but since I don't talk BULLSHIT FLUFF with chicks, I get them going in all directions before sarging... unless it's just time for caveman kino:)

Anyway... by the time I am ready to move on them, I KNOW how they react to good stuff and bad stuff. When I QUOTE to a chick about getting a blowjob from some other chick in the past, she might THINK she is not reacting to what I said, but she is going through the same changes as thinking about her cat when she considers her mouth around my dick. She is either going to have the "happy" reactions or the "sad" reactions or the "I don't give a FUCK about what he just said" reactions. I always know when I am moving physically closer to a girl if she WANTS me to do it, is LETTING me do it, or HATES me doing it... before she even speaks. When I move toward her, she has to consider what I am coming over there to do, and it is OBVIOUS to me how she FEELS about it without her saying what she feels about it. This makes me look like a fucking CHAMPION because I seem to "sense" what she's feeling without her telling me. "We are so in tune blah blah blah...".

I think this idea is PARAMOUNT! If you can't judge what the chick is feeling... basically that is... pro, con or neutral... you are way behind in the game."