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Play a game of Crash and Burn

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by Razor Cat

A little idiocy is great for confidence. The game: Crash and Burn. The object of this game is to crash and burn. Hit women with the worst lines, the most outrageous innuendoes, lame pickups, and so forth. Go down in flames repeatedly. Have fun doing this. Make this your goal. Okay, now you've been shot down in the most horrendous of ways. Fun, wasn't it? And you are still alive! And a whole lot more desensitised. Yes, this does work. I had six women laughing for an hour this way at a party. It's based on the Juggling school of management. In brief: they teach you to juggle in order to be a better manager. The first thing that they have you do is drop the balls. You spend five or ten minutes practising this. The lesson is that you can't be afraid of dropping the balls. Screwing up isn't' failure, it's just screwing up.