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If she disrespects you

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The Returning Fox theory, originated by Ray Parker, explained by NYC, ASF: "At the first sign of disrespect to you OR passing up an opportunity to spend time with you, you dump her. When she calls you wanting to go out or something, you tell her that her behaviour was unacceptable and that the only way you are going to let her hang out with you again is if she (make up whatever shit you want her to do because she broke the rules, fuck, suck, whatever). If all you want from her is a kiss, get that. If all you want is for her to dress sexily, make her do that. If she doesn't agree to your terms tell her don't call you again until you are ready to meet my demands and HANG UP. The point of returning fox is that she is crawling back to you so you have the POWER in the relationship."

Ross Jeffries suggests issuing a warning at first, which is pretty much the same thing - you have to show that you're serious about it. "Don't be afraid to call her on bullshit she might pull. Girls will always test your limits... so the first time they do, call them on it. Tell her that you won't put up with that shit and not to do it again. NEVER forget you were born without her. And that there are a hundreds more like her and a thousands more that are even better than her."

Update. Disrespect is also a form of test - she is testing you in order to find out whether you are a supplicating groveling taking-all-her-crap wussy... or a man. Mr Happy, ASF: "In order to pass such a test (an example of which is cancelling a date), you must:

  1. Show that you don't lose your temper over it.
  2. Show that you don't whine like a baby over it.
  3. Show that it doesn't really phase you.
  4. Show that you DO find it disrespectful and that you don't tolerate that.

(4) is the most important point, but you MUST do it in such a way that (1,2,3) are true."

Update. The Returning Fox theory explained by the originator himself. Ray Parker, ASF:
"A Returning Fox is one who has shown no previous interest in you or rejected you, but who has "returned" and approached you after you have forgotten her. This puts you in a temporary position of power.

With a Returning Fox, you should ask for whatever it is you want from her at the piont of return. If she does not come across, she likely never will, and you can send her packing once again, repeating the process as many times as you have to each time she returns.

For example, if she turned you down for a date, you stopped talking to her, and she now contacts you "just to say hi" just ask her out on the spot. Optionally, you can add a reference to how puzzled you are she'd contact you and how you don't really need to talk. If she doesn't bail out there, just ask for what you want.

An aggressive version of this strategy has the man asking for sex or requiring it for her to get back into his life. The theory is she must want something out of you to seek you out after rejecting you, and unless she agrees to your terms, she can just go packing again.

The method works very well in many situations. It also has short-term applications for Foxes who ignore you at clubs or parties and then "return" later."

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