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Approaching a group of many girls

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ASF: "I think groups of around 5 girls are fairly easy to approach. I don't think you have to entertain them ALL (this is valid if they're not all talking about the same thing but are rather segmented). What I do is I pick one of them... most of the time it's the one who seems the most bored and just start to chat it up... When I do an approach such as this.... RARELY will the other girls try to pull the girl away. Instead, it seems like it brings out the competitive spirit in the other girls... and then THEY will be the ones breaking OUR conversation and not the other way around. Now the girl you approach might not be very interested in you but as long as you look like your having a good time and your not getting completely blown off.... by god... IF THERE IS A GIRL IN THE GROUP WHO FINDS YOU ATTRACTIVE.. SHE WILL MAKE HERSELF KNOWN. She'll either give you very strong eye contact.... or she'll try to join into the conversation or she'll approach you.

I guess a good rule to follow is if you disturb a conversation... then you better befriend everyone that was in the conversation or they'll become an 'obstacle'. I think that's when you end up having the other girls pulling the girls away."