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"Have you ever…?" gets busted

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Partial Estonian translation

If she says "no" to a "have you ever…?", she's probably young and/or inexperienced. Or wants you to bail:) Well never mind all that, you can go on with "well, neither have I, but my friend Sandra told me, that…" and now go in with your original description and take her on a trip like she's never been to before:)

If she just keeps interrupting and blabbering and won't let you take her on a trip, then, at least according to Ross Jeffries, switching to third person ("my friend Christina told me, that she feels…") should do the trick as well. That should shut her up, as it is supposedly rude to blabber about yourself when your conversation partner talks about a third person.

Or, use this one:

"Have you ever met someone (sp) and instantaneously feel such a complete attraction for him (sp), that you feel like you just _have_ to do something about it? It's the kind of feeling, that you just have to get near that guy and you know, that even if you never see him again, you'll be happy with all your choices and you'll always cherish the pleasant memories?"


"Well that's just so interesting, how different people have different experiences, but my friend Lola was just telling me about an experience just like that (now you can go in with describing that experience in even further detail)"