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If she says: "Let's just be friends", aka LJBF's you

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Ideally, you should never get to a point where a girl is forced to "LJBF" you - that is when she doesn't want you but you don't seem to be able to take a hint. First of all, you should be able to make most any girl want you anyway, and secondly, should she really be disinterested, you should have moved on long before she has a chance to "LJBF" you. If however you still happen to wind up in a mess like that, this is what Don Diebel suggests (he should know, he is the "dating guy":).

Don Diebel: "If a girl ever blocks advancing the relationship by saying, "No, let's just be friends," say, "No, I have lots of friends. See you later." By continuing this type of relationship, you portray yourself as someone who has nothing better to do than hang around with a girl who is not that interested in you. The relationship will never get to where you want to go - to bed for some romance, passion, and sex. And even if by some miracle the relationship did advance to the bedroom, she would be doling out sex - dictating the where, when and how much. If she wants to cut you off at any time, she can and you have to accept it because that is the implied agreement from the start. She is in complete control, hence, she will never be satisfied with you.

If, on the other hand, you walk away from this relationship, you have established that you are the type used to leading a relationship, you have plenty of other girls willing to take you on your terms, and she is losing out. We have seen cases where a man will completely turn around the relationship as soon as a girl sees that he is willing to "walk" rather than accept something that is not on his terms.

When do you give up on a girl? When do you decide that a relationship is not advancing? When you are the only one making an effort to keep it advancing. If she is not putting energy in to you, take the hint and move on to the next prospect. Don't stay where you're not appreciated. If this situation does occur, try to figure out why. How did she perceive you? What turned her off? Learn from your mistakes."

What to do, if you can see that you're approaching LJBF-land with a girl. Glenn Durden, ASF: "Completely and totally cut off all contact with her for a few months. When you come back, you can almost start from scratch. More of a stranger, less of a "close friend"."