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How to switch to the right mindset

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Want a laugh? Check this out - "If I stand around long enough, maybe something will happen." Now take a look around in a night-club:) See all those guys - standing or sitting, waiting? Now you know what they're thinking:) Pathetic:) Now go get all the girls:) In an everyday situation, those same guys are not specifically waiting for something to happen, they are simply oblivious. Pathetic again:) But what do you do? That's right, again, you go get all the girls:)

In a night-club situation, now that you've had your laugh, whatever you do - don't join all the goofs standing or sitting and just watching the girls on the dance-floor! All that herd of chumps waiting and twiddling their thumbs is known as "death row", now you don't want to join them, do you!?

Once you're in the door, it's action-action-action and worshipping the 3s rule. Sounds tough? No, you'll actually make it easier on yourself, especially considering the alternative - going home alone with a headache, remembering all the beautiful girls you only SAW and sleeping with your hand:)