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The Void pattern

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By Kevin Kupal. Mindlist:

"Doesn't it sometimes make you stop and think how some people, despite having everything, just feel lonely and empty and severely lacking? Well, I was reading about the life and times of John Belushi... he had it all... the fame, the fortune, the houses... the women... but it appears that he was just so lonely. So was Marilyn Monroe... on top of the world, with millions of men swooning over her...she just felt so alone and left out.

I think it's really a common thing. Like, lots of people (point to her) just go on living from one day to the next like a robot... perhaps getting amused, perhaps feeling some sort of achievement, but deep inside, there's this hole inside them (point to her chest)... empty... hollow. It's like, you ask yourself, "Is this it? Is this what I've been living for? This is it?"

I think that people, Jenny, are looking for that elusive "IT"... to fill the deep void and emptiness inside them... whatever that is, it's the one thing that will just make you feel a sense of wholeness, of completeness... of peace... ha-penis...

And when you have it, when it's right in front of you (you're in front of course), only then can you begin to feel that wholeness and peace... or perhaps... that ecsatic, filling delight... filling you up completely... making every pore of your body ooze with delicious, ecsatic pleasure... that's when you know that you've found that part of you that was missing all along (point to self). You are happy and complete.

But whatever that ha-penis (point to self) is, it's elusive... you'll have to GO FOR IT (point to self) once you find the slightest chance... the slightest window of opportunity... you'll have to GRAB IT. Or... it could slip away and you might just find it gone... and you'll be left only with the thoughts of what could have been... the stuff that regrets are made of.

So...when you find your ha-penis right in front of you... Grab it! Right away!"