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Patterning over the phone

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Ross Jeffries: "The phone is an incredible way to do patterns because women feel they aren't being observed and therefore can be a lot stronger in their responses."

The consensus of using the phone as a seduction device is divided. Most agree, that if you lack any patterning skills, the phone is the kiss of death. Agree on a meeting, agree on her enthusiastic greeting of you once the two of you meet (see "Closing"), if she seems to want to have a chit-chat with you, talk to her a little using a low, confident, seductive voice (and smile while you do it, she'll hear that:), but generally - just get off the phone as fast as you can!

On the other hand, the phone has been used to great effect to do patterning. There have even been various reports of being able to make women orgasm without letting them toch themselves just by describing various states to them over the phone. The women, by the way, were usually even more shocked than the men running patterns on them - neither had previously thought such a thing to be even possible:)

But I would still suggest to use the phone only in case you feel some resistance on her part to meet you in person (which might happen if she has never met you in person before, for example a girl you met and seduced online or just a friend of a friend or if she for some other reason is disinclined to meet you in person right away). Because there is a world of difference between hearing her sigh longingly over the phone or having her sit next to you, holding your hands and wetting her lips:)

Ross Jeffries:
"You: (after some fluff talk) In fact, I don't know if you can recognise that with each little giggle...with each breath you take...with each beat of your heart... you're growing more intrigued, but anyway... just setting aside whatever pictures just keep popping into your mind when I say that...how are you doing today?"