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Presuppositions and other "mind-tricks"

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Partial Estonian translation

(based on Ross Jeffries' newsletters)

Presuppositions are some of the most widely used "mind-tricks" in making it easier for the girl to realise, what it is that she really wants (and then go with the flow:). They shift attention from something (seemingly) unimportant as it has somehow already been agreed upon to the (seemingly) important as it needs yet to be decided upon. In order to understand the question and answer it ("would you like tea or coffee?") she has to accept the presupposition that accompanies the question ("…before we go to my place":).

  • "Would you like (something to drink) before (I take you home)?"
  • "Would you like (another coke / whiskey) before (I take you home / we go to your place / we go to my place)?"

Presuppositions can also be used in ordinary sentences to help her decide… or rather, decide for her:) If you'd like to take a shower together with her after spending the night together, instead of asking "Wanna take a shower? How about… um… we… together… um" say "I'll ready the shower for us:)".

Here are a few more examples of how a simple sentence can help a girl sway towards the right decision:) …or simply not leave her with much choice:) Use these to construct your own "decision-swayers".

Binds of comparable alternatives
  • "So do you want to meet me again tomorrow over lunch, or over coffee? (keep talking!) e.g. Either way, the most important thing is that we can carry on this conversation. Sound good to you?"
  • "So do you want to dance now, or wait until the next slow? (keep talking!) You're looking as if YOU CAN'T WAIT to dance now. Let's go!?"

Cause & Effect
  • "You won't get the most out of the music just thinking about it, since the best way to experience it is to dance with me."
  • "As you sit there, you know you have to dance before the night is out. Come:)"

Resistance-breaking patterns
Two mini-patterns using time distortion, binds of comparable alternatives and humour to break a girl's resistance to getting together with you:
  • "Won't it be great AFTER we've gone out and laughed and felt really comfortable together? Then you can just look back at it all, smile that smile of satisfaction, and think to yourself: that was one of the best times, I've ever had!"
  • " I don't know, when we go out, whether it will be a wonderfully fun adventure or just an incredibly enjoyable good time, but it sure will feel great to laugh that much, won't it?"

An example of using a combination of the above techniques and thought binding:

You: You know, I can tell you are a woman with great taste!
Her: How do you know?
You: Because you laugh at what I say. And the more you laugh, the more you'll recognise just how attractive you find that... and the more you'll look forward to being with someone just like that / the more you'll LOOK FORWARD to having the best time when we go out!
Her: (laughter)
You: See...just like that:)
You: Seriously...haven't you ever met someone, and you just knew you were going to like this person (point to yourself), cause you could just STOP, and IMAGINE BEING TOGETHER, feeling totally comfortable, and absolutely connected, for all the right reasons?
She: Yeah
You: Well, see? So, as you think about it like that..."

...then just keep chatting, transition to IC pattern, whatever.

Update. An example of a presupposition by Vampire2727, ASF: "After finding out what the girl likes to do, talk with the assumption that you're going to do it: "Well, when we're doing [this and this] together, it would be better if [something and something]"."