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A sample reading routine

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Usually the dominant hand is read. But should you wish to hold both of her hands, modify your approach in the following manner:

Non-dominant hand - the inner potential of the person
Dominant hand - the actual manifestation and realization of that inner potential

An example routine

  1. Describe her to her according to what you know about the various lines
  2. Try to include qualities you've learned about her after having elicited her values and watching her behaviour in general, find the corresponding lines in her palm and show them to her. You can also use the collection of phrases below.
  3. Predict something good/positive, don't forget to show her, how you draw your conclusions.
  4. Keep holding her hand, look her in the eye, kiss her fingers.
  5. "People may know each others' mind, but they don't really know each other until their bodies get to know each other":) Don't go overboard!:)

Collection of phrases - dreamer, open, passionate, sensitive, adventurous, positive (add to this list). The phrases themselves are meaningless, elaborate on each phrase and describe the word through describing the feelings of a person that can be called "a dreamer" or "passionate". But don't shoot in the dark, make sure you know what you're talking about - hopefully you did at least some value-eliciting before you jumped into palm reading:)

A few simple examples of reading lines:
  • If she has two fate lines, for example if her fate line is broken mid-hand and another starts running parallel to it, see at what age it happens and voila, you've got a story:) Don't forget to show how you draw your conclusions or else she might suspect you of BS-ing, but show her the corresponding lines and she'll think ITS PURE GOLD AND THE ROCK-SOLID TRUTH:) "You'll stay on your chosen career path up to the age of about 30, then you'll find a new passion and finally switch over to it at the age of about 35." Simple:) So OK, we didn´t evoke any specific feelings, but believe me, the simple fact that a man that CAN PREDICT HER FUTURE is HOLDING HER HAND will make her feel everything tightening up you-know-where:) A break in the line of fate can also mean a change of geographical location, so you could also bring travelling, working or living abroad etc into play:)
  • If her fate line breaks up at the base of her palm and/or interacts/intersects with the life line (which very many people have by the way) you can say the following (this is taken from www.spirit-eagle.com, but I really cannot recommend the site - it's all full of advice how to "contact your guardian angels and spirits" etc, very messed up stuff:): "(showing her) This means that early in life you experienced some family situation that made you have responsibility as a child. So much so, that you were given duties or existed in a situation where you had to let go of part of your childhood and be in an adult like role. But this usually gives you something nice later in life. Because you had to give up part of your childhood you are given extra life energy support later in life to survive a tough or a difficult experience with more ease and protection." From a patterning point of view, this "childhood problem" theme was not too great. Should you however show her the appropriate lines in her hand, and she actually did have some childhood problems (and who us didn't?:), you have instantly become very close to her - close to her heart and soul, which is a very good place to continue from:)

On the whole though, these are hardly examples you can memorise and use - they are only supposed to give you the general idea of how you could conjure up your own stories.

A few closing words from dead-serious palmists: "As a palmist, your attitude is of great importance. Never try to "second guess" your subject by adding on-the-spot observations and facts you may know beforehand but which are not shown in the palm. If you are reading the palm; read the palm and only that. Ideally you should know nothing whatsoever of the person you are reading. Their hands and your intuition should be enough. Anytime you are meeting someone for the first time, you can pick up a tentative and often very useful first impression of their personality by unobtrusively glancing at the lines of their hand."

But if that doesn't work, we'll just ask for her hand... so that we can get "an impression of her personality":)