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If she says "Why do you ask?"

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Estonian translation

Asking all those questions needed to evoke emotions and elicit values can sometimes result in her asking you a "Why do you ask?" in return. Be prepared to answer her honestly. Not that you are trying to seduce her using patterns and NLP etc, dumbass:)! Because what you are "really" doing, is trying to get to know to her better or rather, give her a chance to show you whether she is the kind of person you should get to know better. And the questions are there only to help and guide her along the way. En example of a conversation preceding that nevertheless ominous question (ASF):

You: …remember the things you wanted to say to that person, and the daydreams and thoughts that kept coming in and out of your head about the two of you? Privately, deep inside you - do you remember how you felt?

Her: Why do you ask?

You: Well… as we are sitting here talking… over coffee… I thought it would be nice … to get to know you… as a person… I remember one girl (doesn't matter if you do or not:)… I was in college… it was like there was an almost magical bond connecting us… we would even finish each others sentences. I wonder did you ever… feel that way… With me… it is so wonderful… to have that sort of connection… don't you think?

Her: Yeah! (or whatever)

And if you get busted while doing an If she is working:

You: Well, you're working now and I could see you seemed a little tired, so I just wanted to take your mind off your job for a moment and have you imagine something relaxing and soothing right here:)"